Hibernation is Over! Spring Has Sprung!

| 29 March, 2015 14:59

As most northerners know, it has been one heck of a winter. Although it has been all quiet on the online front for me, I have been busy nonetheless in creating new paintings. I am very excited to sharing new works in the coming spring. 

But for now, let it be known that I am excited to be offering  continuing classes at the Hobby Lobby store in Easton, PA. The classes are held on Friday afternoons from 1-4 and is open to varied mediums. One of the best features of these classes is that I offer a FLEX card program to allow students to purchase a card with six (3 hour) class times that can be taken within 90 days of purchase. This allows for a fair amount of flexibility for the student to skip a class for any reason, without penalty. The student does not lose or forfeit a class time due to unexpected events. As long as the class time is utilized within the 90 day period, they can enjoy the full benefit of a generous three hour session in which to relax and get into their projects without feeling rushed.

Other news include an opportunity to see in person a great exhibit of Paint-In and Paint-out paintings created by the members of the Bethlehem Palette Club. I have two pieces in this show of portraits of two gentlemen that were gracious to pose for us.

The show is at:

Heller Homestead
92 Friedensville Rd. (Water Street)
Hellertown, PA

March 7 to June 7, 2015
Reception: Monday, March 30, 7 to 9 p.m. (snow date 3/31) 

Gallery Hours are Sundays, noon to 3, or by appointment.

Over the winter months of my "hibernation", I have completed a landscape in acrylics and have also completed a few small landscapes in oils. I also have on the easel a nice small still life in oils. 

Those images will be posted shortly.

In the meantime, I am all set to try to paint outdoors in the beautful Lehigh Valley area and its surrounding communities.







Spring At Last!

| 21 March, 2014 14:59

Hello Everyone,

Finally! Spring has sprung since yesterday. I am so relieved to see the snow finally melting away to the green grass to be seen. As I have been rather pre-occupied with grumbling around the snow of this past brutal winter, I have also been quietly at work on many things that I am excited to share with my readers. 

The first piece of news, is my recent acceptance of my acrylic painting on canvas of a scene called Monocacy Park in Spring, into the 66th Annual Spring Juried Exhibition of the Bethlehem Palette Club that is now in the Crayola Gallery, at the Banana Factory, 25 West Third Street, Bethlehem, PA

Here is my painting that was accepted into the show:


For purchase information, please contact Pat Delluva at 610-691-0936

As for more news:

I am very excited to share with my readers is that I am implementing a new program of a FLEX CARD method of purchasing a block of six classes to learn how to paint in any medium, such as oils, acrylics or watercolors. I intend to continue to teach at the Hobby Lobby location in Easton, PA on a continuous basis, on Thursdays and/or Fridays from 1-4 pm. This new method of buying classes allows the busy student to attend classes on a fairly flexible basis. You buy the block of six classes with a card, and for each attended class, the card is noted. The student must attend those six classes within a three month period from the date of the purchase. So, in case somthing pops up in your schedule, you notify me that you will attend the following week. For more information on this exciting plan, contact me through this web site and I will be happy to answer any questions via e-mail.

The next exciting news, is that I am slated to be teaching at a new location in Fountain Hill sometime this coming summer. This is a work in progress and I am pleased to have been asked to join this endeavor. I will post more info as I am able to. Keep on the lookout.

It keeps getting better and better. I think the Spring Fever has struck again! I am happily at work on a very very nice commission of an adorable infant swaddled in a blanket. I am tracking this project and hope to post in the future when it is all settled.

I am also scheduled to be teaching pastels at Northampton Community College in the summer months. Will keep you posted on that as well.

Now that the weather is turning warmer, I have re-packed my plein air kit and am ready to go out this time around to paint. Also, keep that camera handy in your car at the ready to snap up those wonderful scenes you may happen upon in your travels. It could be a nice farm scene or some other inviting imagery good enough to paint.

Well, that is a lot of news for now. So, get those paints out and paint!

Happy Painting!


Claiming My Prize in Freezing Rain Weather!

| 10 January, 2014 13:02

Hello Everyone,

Here I am accepting a much appreciated prize for my oil painting of a Paint In Model from one of our earlier paint ins, sponsored by the Bethlehem Palette Club in 2013.

On this day, it was very icy and treacherous outside. So, we all made our way to the reception VERY s-l-o-w-l-y and finally were able to get inside.

Yesterday, was the opening session of our winter Paint In at a local location. Please consider joining us in sharpening your hand-eye coordination in painting live from a live model.

Happy Painting!


An Award Win for a Paint In Painting

| 24 November, 2013 14:31

Hello Everyone,

I am humbled and honored to share with my followers that my painting from the 2013 season of paint ins with the Bethlehem Palette Club has won Third Prize in the Paint-In & Paint Out Exhibition that is now being held at the Bethlehem City Hall Rotunda  Gallery, 10 East Church Street, Bethlehem, PA. The hours are: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. The exhibit is on from November 14, 2013 through January 5, 2014.

Artists' reception will be on Sunday, January 5, 2014 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

The painting, Paint In Model was done with the finest oils that I enjoy using. I use the Richeson Oils on linen on panel. 

Here is the image of the painting:


I would like to add, that the opportunity to hone your drawing and painting skills are available to the members of the Bethlehem Palette Club. It is a wonderful weekly time for all to try their hand at live drawing or painting direct from a model in a time frame to challenge your eye hand coordination as well, as to test your mettle in quickly assessing your viewpoint and putting it all down in a quick fashion. I encourage you all to look into joining the Bethlehem Palette Club for this wonderful opportunity.

As we all get ready for the upcoming holidays, keep in mind some ideas for the family artist in your circle. Perhaps a gift card to a favorite art store or art supply web site would make him or her happy. Remember some of the ideas I have shared in an earlier post for that special painting gift to give a loved one or friends, etc.

Happy Painting!

A Special Gift

| 09 November, 2013 14:34

Hello All,

We are coming up close to the holidays and now is the time to think of that special gift for your special someone or someone in your family.

Why not ask around and find out what your loved ones’s special interest is? In other words, is that person a sports fan? Does he or she like the fantasy world of dragons and serpents? How about your family cook? In other words, tap into their hobbies and interests, and you have a great starting point to come up with a special theme related painting subject.

Here is an example: You know someone who likes to bake as a pastime. Why not scour the kitchen for baking utensils and bowls and other acroutements of home baking. Now, you have a grouping of objects to create and compose your very own original still life that would be sure to delight your own baker’s senses. This way, you have tapped into something that truly represents who they are and something that he or she can personally relate to in their personal lives.

This would reassure you that your gift recipient of your very own originally composed painting, would be happy. What could be a better gift than that which you have created solely for their personal enjoyment of their special affinity for “their” subject matter.

I have been very successful in doing this for many occasions. A close family member is truly a fan of tomatoes and enjoys the hobby of raising tomatoes every summer. She is known as the “tomato lady” of the neighborhood. So, I have painted a really cute illustration of a “tomato plant” that has too many tomatoes on it. It is being enjoyed in the family kitchen as a daily reminder of her tomato hobby.

This is one of many ways we can all share our painting skills for our audience to enjoy. Make that special connection to that special theme that represents your gift recipient; and you will be sure to be the hit of the holidays..

Happy Painting!


Painting Time At Last

| 05 November, 2013 13:12

Hello Everyone,

I am currently enjoying some extra painting time and will be uploading shortly some new painting images I have been working on for quite some time.

I also wanted to encourage my students, both current and former, to pursue the idea of possibly painting for your friends and loved ones, for the upcoming holiday season. There is no better gift from those given from an artist's heart and soul that can be seen in their respective painting efforts. 

I am trying to develop some content for future postings. So, I hope you will take the time to check in, once in a while to see what I have come up with. My plan is to at least post once a month, to see how it goes. Maybe, I will post more frequently if there is a positive response to my efforts. 

During my graduate days at Marywood University, I was put to the test to write and write many papers and essays, etc. So, I thought it would be nice to put all of the writing to good use for my followers. Maybe, we can all learn something in the process.

For now, consider keeping those brushes wet, and get to it for the painting gifts for your inner circle or maybe to sell.

Happy Painting!